■ A new theatre show called AMES will be staged at the Alexander Bar in Strand Street, Cape Town, from Monday December 17 to Saturday December 22, at 7pm. The work by Andi Colombo, starring Kathleen Stephens, pictured, and Russell Crous, examines relationships, humanity, and climate change, all the while asking: what happens when humans go too far? The play is set on day 728 in 2030. Amy and Roald are stuck in a storeroom in a laboratory built halfway up Table Mountain. Outside, a desolate and apocalyptic landscape awaits, complete with soaring temperatures, out of control weather patterns and the potential of carbon dioxide poisoning. Amy and Roald also have to solve the most significant problem of all – how do they keep their succulents alive? There will be additional shows at 9pm on Friday and Saturday December 21 and 22. Tickets cost from R100 to R120. Visit to book and for more information.