Book review: Next in Line

Next in Line

Jeffrey Archer

Harper Collins Publishers

Review: Wayne van der Vent

Jeffry Archer is one of Britain’s foremost modern authors, with sales of over 275 million copies worldwide.

A member of the House of Lords, his career in politics gives Archer a network of friends and access to the British establishment which is clearly evidenced in his novels. This novel, as do the many which precede it, provides a fascinating glimpse into a range of closed worlds.

It is the latest in the series of William Warwick novels, following the exploits and experiences of a detective at Scotland Yard.

Set in 1988, Royal fever sweeps the nation as Britain falls in love with the people’s princess. Although not directly based on the life of Princess Diana, this book certainly gets its inspiration and character from her. The novel focuses on the elite Royal Protection Command, and its commanding officer. Entrusted with protecting the most famous family on earth, a weak link could spell disaster.

Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick and his Scotland Yard squad are sent to investigate the team.

Ross Hogan, the maverick ex -undercover operative is tasked with a very sensitive and unique responsibility. It soon becomes clear that the problems in Royalty Protection are just the beginning.

A terrorist organisation has the security of the country and the Crown in its sights.

If you enjoy watching Midsomer Murders and Inspector Morse then you will most definitely enjoy this book. It transports the reader to an “old world” not so long ago, when wearing a jacket and a tie was still in fashion.

Archer is a great storyteller and easily transports the reader to the various locations.

Although fictional, having followed the life and times of the British royal family, and understanding Archer’s ties to the establishment… it begs the question, is this a true story?