Book review: The Match

The Match

Harlan Coben

Penguin Random House

Review: Voox Sonandzi

Wilde was thrust into the limelight after he was found abandoned in the woods of Ramapo Mountains in New Jersey some 40 years or so back.

Growing up not knowing his biological parents, he is a haunted man who reluctantly takes on a journey to discover his past and identity. He searches through a DNA genealogy site and his closest match is one Daniel Carter.

It’s his father, they are identical but Carter is happily married to Sofia and they have three grown daughters. Wilde’s emergence could ruin the Carters.

Harlan Coben proves to be a master thriller writer as he dishes twists and turns throughout the 340 pages. He introduces The Boomerangs – a secret online vigilante group that busies itself with punishing cyberbullies.

Affected families would apply online to report abusive trolls and Chris Taylor and five other anonymous investigators would take on cases and visit the world of hurt to anyone found guilty.

Wilde’s other half-match in the database was Peter Bennet or simply PB, a mega star of Love Is A Battlefield reality show. PB and Jenn were hosts of the show and were married. His Instagram account had 2.8 million followers. This was until PB is outed as having roofied Marnie, his wife’s sister. His naked pictures get splashed on the net, show ratings plummet and PB vanishes. Vicky, ostensibly PB’s sister, approaches The Boomerangs and the case is dismissed.

FBI operative Katherine Frole, a fangirl of Love Is A Battlefield and a member of The Boomerangs, is devastated when the case is thrown out and starts acting clandestinely outside of the group trying to solve it.

Then people close to the matter started dying, lies are exposed and the truth about Wilde’s mother revealed.

I would read this book until its pages turned yellow.