Book review: Transcend

Transcend – Navigating life and ambition in your career

Evita Nyandoro

Kwarts Publishers

Review: Carmen Jacobs

Evita Nyandoro has put in a lot of hard work to fill this book with valuable information.

It starts out with the author’s advice and practical tips on career guidance, studying options and how to make the transition from tertiary education to work life.

I found these chapters at the beginning of the book to be easily understandable, with difficult concepts touched on and explained in detail.

What added more value to the information was how the author managed to touch on the many possible scenarios one would likely come across in your career. She offered great advice on how to deal with “tricky” or uncommon office problems and conflict.

One of the sections of the book I felt that all working people could benefit from was the one on mentorship. I felt like this is the type of evergreen advice one can apply at any stage of your career.

Finances and its impact on your career was another part of the book which offered invaluable knowledge and provided subject matter that will be relatable to most working people.

Overall, the book offered good information, dealt with common office issues, offered practical advice, and focused on some of the most pressing career-related issues most people encounter.

However, I believe the content would be better suited or more helpful to a young person (matriculant, tertiary student or intern) starting out in the corporate world. The book did not really leave me with better ways specifically suited to my own life as a working mom to navigate life and ambition, but it rather provided advice in a more general sense.

So, although the book is fully packed with useful advice for working people of all ages, I would strongly recommend it to the younger market. Mainly because it contains practical career guidance and advice which I think could best be applied at the onset of your career.