Marsha to sing at debut show

Marsha Bothma is singing at her debut show Stronger, on Friday February 3 at the Jamrock Theatre, Brackenfell.

Plainsman reporter, singer and songwriter, Marsha Bothma will perform at her debut show next month.

Stronger is set to be an inspirational musical journey,” she said.

Marsha, 28, who grew up in Beacon Valley, is hosting her live show on Friday February 3, at the Jamrock Theatre, Brackenfell, (“Plainsman’s Marsha comes back stronger” Plainsman May 18).

The show will feature other up-and-coming artists, such as Candice Thornton and Jodi Jantjies.

She was inspired to create this show through the many challenges in her life and her story of being a survivor of gender-based violence, she said.

“Sharing my story is never easy but I tell it to help the next person with theirs as I did not have access to someone who told me their story. It took me 10 years to share mine. It’s only been through God’s grace that I can share it. I am so excited to be sharing this on such a big platform,” she said.

Marsha started singing at the age of 8 and writing music at the age of 12. She has always loved telling stories through music because “it reaches people’s hearts and minds”.

“I have been inspired by many people to keep on dreaming. As a young girl, being encouraged to pursue singing was not likely in my spaces. I was despondent for a while but it was later in my life that I saw my potential and ability to dream through music. Too many times our dreams die with us but, with the help of the community, I managed to save it,” she said.

Marsha has also recently released her second single and first Afrikaans song, Vlam in my Hart, on Friday January 20. The song is an ode to her husband, she said.

Tickets are R120 each on Quicket.