Musical extravaganza for Masque Theatre

A Boarding Line, a musical extravaganza is on at the Masque Theatre from Friday June 11 to Saturday June 19.

A Boarding Line, a musical extravaganza, opens at the Masque Theatre this Friday.

The show runs until Saturday June 19 and is a fund-raiser for the 61-year-old community theatre.

From the producers of This Moment, a musical cabaret, A Boarding Line is billed as a hilarious musical revue that promises to take audiences’ minds to new heights and away from trying times.

Ruby Paton, 19, of Constantia plays Lily, an air hostess and is the youngest in the 21-member cast.

This will be Ruby’s first time on stage since primary school. She said a friend sent the link for auditions in April and she applied.

“No one is getting paid. We are all doing it for the love of acting and the theatre. We’ve been driving to Muizenberg for rehearsals every night from all over greater Cape Town,” she said.

Director, set designer, writer and producer, Stephan Fourie, from Mowbray, said the show uses theatre hit songs to poke fun at the human condition.

“Set in a bustling ALW Airport, let’s face it – a pretty exotic place right now, a colourful collection of diverse characters from all walks of life reflect on their interactions and innermost thoughts as they watch the world pass by.

“From frequent flyers to newbie stewards unbeknownst that some of them will be confronted with a day of non-stop turbulence,” said Stephan.

Asked what audiences could expect, Ruby said: “It’s a very funny, beautiful show that at times brings goosebump moments. It’s a good escape in this current situation.”

To book, call the Masque Theatre at 021 788 1898, or email

Ruby Paton, of Constantia, plays Lily, an air hostess.