New Hero EP ready to stream

Keaton Carelse and Scottie Moore

New Hero have released their new EP Silence Between Space.

Keaton Carelse, also known as Grimehouse, a dubstep producer and DJ from Goodwood, and Scottie Moore, singer and songwriter of the rock band Reburn, from Johannesburg, make up the

Carelse and Moore met as DJs in the Cape Town underground music scene in their late teens.

They went their separate ways and both explored completely different styles of music.

Silence Between Space bridges the gap from commercial to underground. The EP flows through various styles of house music, starting with melodic vocal house and gradually evolving more into the underground throughout every track.

New Hero have taken their live act on the road playing at major festivals across Southern Africa with headline performances at H20 (with Major Lazer), Coco Valley Festival New Year’s Eve, JBay Rage Fest, Plett Rage Fest, Sunflower Fest and the New Year’s Eve Festival in Mozambique.

The lyric video for Collide, the lead single off the EP, can be viewed on YouTube. The full EP can be streamed off Spotify.