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New All-in-One Maths Made Fun

Mart Meij

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Review: Lauren O’Connor-May

I’m blessed to have children who cry to
go to school when they don’t need to,
as opposed to the other way

So, when I took these books home to my children, thinking it would be a good resource to keep my nerds busy during the school holidays, I quickly discovered I was wrong.

The books didn’t make it that far.
By the end of that same week, my children had finished all the activities in all three books.

The books are colourful and entertaining workbooks for children in the Foundation Phase grades and are in line with the CAPS curriculum.

They consist of worksheets, games, drawings and activities.

I think they are a good resource for exam revision or a homework booster for
children who are struggling academically.

The series was written by Mart Meij,
a Foundation Phase expert and a lecturer
at the Normal College of Education in

The rest of the series covers every Foundation Phase subject.

The books are also available in Afrikaans.