Read of the week: Foodies of South Africa −Kitchen Shortcuts

Foodies of South Africa −Kitchen Shortcuts

Cassidy Nydahl, Kelsey Dobie and Jean Winshaw


Review: Karen Watkins

Over the past five years the FoodiesofSA online audience has grown to three million followers.

Comments from the audience have been included throughout the book with a double-page spread sharing wins and failures.

It’s all about community and it’s what drove the three foodies to produce this, their third book. All recipes are new and not from previous books.

The concept is to only use recipes that fit into shortcuts. These are divided into breakfasts, mains, drinks and desserts.

It has taken much time and tasting to skim the ingredients to a minimum, often with only three ingredients.

And to make cooking life even easier, they offer tips and tricks to making glamorous dishes for friends and family so that when served everyone will be impressed.

Another great idea is the QR code on the top right corner of each recipe page. Scan it and go directly to a video and follow along.

As for favourite recipes – the desserts especially are to die for. The three-ingredient chocolate mousse cake made in a microwave is quick and easy.

On the savoury side the three-ingredient pasta sauces used four ways are quick, simple and tasty.

The cover picture, a French toast omelette foldover, is a cross between a toasted sarmie and an omelette.

French toast loaf is the idea of one of the videographers who Photoshopped two pictures to come up with what she was looking for.

The contents page has a picture of ingredients and accessible tools you already have at home.

All royalties from the sales go towards educating the next generation through the Bokamoso Education Trust.

This beautifully illustrated book is suitable for people of all backgrounds and kitchen skills who share a passion for food.

Whatever you do, don’t go to the website when hungry.