Tribute to Alvon and Barbra

The cast includes, from left, Shannon Lewis from Mitchell’s Plain, Janine Pick from Plumstead, Eddie Atherton from Plumstead, Sadie Hartle from Table View, and Faried Swartz from Milnerton, with the late Alvon Collison, seated, taken on their last Valentine’s Day show in 2020 before the lockdown.

A concert to mark what would have been the late Alvon Collison’s 81st birthday will take place on Sunday April 24 at the Dutch Reformed Church Hall in Milnerton, at 3pm.

Alvon’s birthday is the following day but April 24 is Barbra Streisand’s 80th birthday so Alvon’s team will be singing all of his favourite songs of hers.

This is their first live show in front of an audience since the lockdown and since he passed away in January last year.

Tickets cost R150 each and includes Koelsum’s famous koesiesters. Call 021 551 0969 or 063 642 3817 to book and for more information.