A question of context

Tim van Stormbroek, Ferret Mining and Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd.

The story “Uranium mining will impoverish thousands” (Bulletin, March 24) reports that “….. accidental contamination of water systems with potentially radioactive material is possible.”

Highlighting only this statement out of a 600-page environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental management plan (EMP) simply misleads the public. This is like stating that when you drive your car there is the risk of death by road accident.

The entire purpose of an Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Plan is to calculate and then as far a reasonably practicable, mitigate potential risk.

From page 2

Another error is the summary of mining methods which you stated as follows: “There are several methods of mining uranium, the main ones being pit mining, box mining and in-situ leaching.

This should read: “open pit/cast mining, underground mining and in-situ leaching”. A box cut is simply an initial part of an open cast or underground mining operation.