A request for guidance

Francois Viljoen, Plumstead

I am a bit gobsmacked but should not be surprised by Carol Bew’s response to my (“Unhappy with councillor”, Bulletin, September 15) and Virginia Middleton’s letters regarding requests for help from our elected official (“Request for speed humps”, Bulletin, October 13).

To put the record straight, I never wrote Ms Bew a letter “demanding” or even asking her to intervene with the City on my behalf to get speed humps installed. I simply, having got frustrated by the council bureaucracy, in getting a clear answer, wrote her a request for guidance about how to get speed humps approved.

For her to intimate that somehow I did not accept her answer graciously is misleading.

She never replied to my requests for help over a period of two years so how can I be “ungracious” about her answer to my so-called demands? I never got an answer.

Carol you’re my elected official, if I can’t come to you for advice on such matters then what is the point of you even being there?

* Carol Bew, ward councillor for ward 73, responds:

As a public representative my door is always open and I have an office at the Alphen centre where Mr Viljoen can consult with me by appointment.

I did a search of any correspondence received from him.

I have found no trace of such to date.

Going forward I will not be responding to any further attacks and accusations on my character by Mr Viljoen and now consider this matter closed.