Adams Farm Home turns 100

Adams Farm Home in Plumstead is celebrating its 100th year of providing long-term residential care for women with intellectual disability.

Founded in 1917 with just six residents, four properties were consolidated into a working farm, with poultry, pigs and cows. To supplement government subsidies, dressed poultry, eggs, surplus milk and butter were sold, as well as flowers and vegetables from the considerable gardens. The home also provided a laundry service for a number of customers and made collections and deliveries by horse-and-cart. A new home was built in 1967.

When the Blue Route expanded in 1987 they obtained land in Plumstead. This new home offers 24-hour residential care to 50 women. There are dormitories and special amenities for dining and lounge area with two work rooms.

They recently celebrated 100 years with a birthday party including treats, magician Jacques Le Sueur and music by Frikkie Joubert. Each woman was given new pink golf shirts embroidered with a logo celebrating 100 years.

Earlier in the month they
had a fundraising picnic in
their garden with live music and this was open to family, friends and the public.
Twogiftvouchers were raffled, and won by David Lotter and Penny Laubscher.