Add a few more by-laws

Liddy Cummins, Kreupelbosch

I am a smoker who is very respectful of the current laws about smoking in public. I don’t like them, but appreciate the objections of those fortunate enough to be non-smokers. My husband and I are very infrequent movie-goers, but this week, after many many months we went to a movie at Ster-Kinekor, Blue Route Mall. The smell of the popcorn and particularly the Niknaks was unpleasant, and absolutely overwhelming. I was literally nauseous. I think it would not be unreasonable to make theatres areas in which at least no eating is allowed. I am also one of those who struggle immensely with the volume of “background” music at most eateries. So while I accept that people rebel about second-hand smoke (except at braais), I think there is room for legislation protecting the public from second-hand smell and second-hand noise pollution in public places. Meanwhile, even stricter smoking laws are being discussed by a Cabinet sub-committee!