Adopt a doll and help a child

Julene Conradie shows the Poppie rag dolls.

Wynberg child protection organisation BADISA is launching several programmes in the run-up to National Child Protection Week.

The campaign, from Sunday May 28 to Sunday June 4, raises awareness about children’s rights.

Badisa’s “Poppie Project” will sell rag dolls to the public for R120. Each doll will come with a certificate and represents a vulnerable child. The proceeds will support child protection services – everything from psychological assessments to toiletries.

Badisa’s Julene Conradie said: “By adopting a doll at a minimal cost, community members will make such a big difference in the lives of real children in reaching their potential and keeping them safe and happy.”

Many of Badisa’s cases deal with children whose parents are using drugs or where they have been abused or neglected by their families.

Ms Conradie said many children went home from school and had no adult supervision.

“Child protection should be every day and all year,” said Ms Conradie.

You can also buy a Poppie sticker for R10 from the Badisa office in Salisbury Road, Wynberg.

This faith-based not-for-profit organisation provides social welfare and development services to all in need, irrespective of age, gender, nationality or religion.

Badisa also sells gift wrap, key holders and fridge magnets. For more information, call 021 761 2671, email or visit