Apologies to cyclist

Michelle King, Kirstenhof

I wish to humbly apologise to the cyclist that I almost collided with on Tuesday May 10, around 6am, at the Ladies Mile offramp. It was pitch black and I had just come off the M3 from the south.

After slowing down to check that there were no cars, I duly continued turning left towards Spaanschemat River Road.

Only as I was turning did a small flashlight catch the corner of my eye and I realised that there must have been a cyclist that I almost crashed into.

Sir or madam, I’m sorry that we both had to swerve but you were wearing black and I did not even see your bike, or yourself as a matter of fact, even after I realised my mistake.

I could only vaguely see your flashlight which appeared to be the size of a little penlight torch in my rearview mirror.

May I urge all cyclists and runners to wear something bright and reflective and ensure that their torchlights are of a substantial size or brightness that would be easier to spot in the dark? This could have been a very nasty and unnecessary accident.