At last… rescue dog Ruby finds a new home

Ruby was a stray rescued from the street. She now enjoys long naps in her new home in Plumstead. Picture: Supplied.

After a seven-month struggle to find her a home, a rescue dog named Ruby has finally been matched with a couple, who have adopted her to live with them in Plumstead.

Ruby was first spotted in September running on an open road in Tokai, with a log tied to a piece of rope around her neck, says Wendy Beare, an animal lover who works in Tokai.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokeswoman Belinda Abraham says the medium-sized, crossbreed with goldish brown fur was taken there after being rescued by a family in Retreat.

Ms Beare felt instantly connected to Ruby: “I still hadn’t seen her in person. Then my co-workers showed me a picture. I thought to myself what am I going to do? I have got to help this dog. So I started running all over for people to help me and asking everyone that comes in the shop to help me.”

Through this search, Ms Beare found two potential homes, but one after the other they fell through.

She briefly considered homing Ruby herself but Ms Beare said Ruby did not get along with one of her more territorial dogs.

According to Ms Abraham, each animal is assessed by a qualified SPCA animal behaviourist to understand their temperament and identify behavioural issues. All animals leaving their care are checked by a vet, assessed by a behaviourist, microchipped, vaccinated and sterilised.

“We understand the needs of all the animals in our care, and we match animals to families who can meet these needs,” she said.

Ms Beare said she was ready to give up until she met Yul and Sharon Eckhardt, who came into the store where she works. When she asked the couple if they had a dog, Ms Eckhardt had said that they wanted one and they had recently bought a home.

“It progressed from there, they both went to meet her. The house wasn’t ready in Jan or February but they had their hearts set on her,” Ms Beare said.

The Eckhardts fetched Ruby from the SPCA on Tuesday March 7.

Mr Eckhardt said: “We have just had our third inspection with the SPCA. The inspector was surprised at how well she has acclimated to her new home, but she’s a joy and we enjoy having her.”