At Reddam House Constantia, we remain committed to our students

Reddam House Constantia
At Reddam House Constantia, we remain committed to our students by offering a premium education under any circumstances. We have a proven track record of responding swiftly to new educational needs and implementing the best practices for learning. No matter the situation, we prioritise the well-being and needs of our students, staff and families. 

We strive to nurture individuality, innate talent and self-assurance in a secure, relaxed, self-disciplined environment. In addition, we offer an internationally respected curriculum, with a broad range of academic, cultural and sporting activities that develop students holistically. 

From the outset, Reddam House Early Learning School follows the unique Reggio Emilia approach, recognising and celebrating each child’s individual abilities and gifts. We recognise children as competent, capable and view childhood as a time for exploration, creation and discovery while learning. Reddam House has an unshakeable commitment to the happiness and fulfilment of our students. 

Our school is fully equipped with world-class facilities, including art, drama, dance and music studios, computer and science labs, a huge hall and a well-resourced library. Our campus boasts expansive sports fields, a cricket oval and an Astroturf. We’ll soon also welcome an exciting new development with the creation of our aquatic centre. 

Reddam House Constantia is committed to the success of the next generation. 
We aim to build a strong foundation for the future, while offering a launch pad to life, by inflaming new interests, channelling our students’ energy and widening their horizons. We strive to offer the best tuition as well as a broad bouquet of activities and opportunities. 

As part of the Global Education Group, Inspired, we provide access to international best practices and world-class educational experts. Since our inception, two decades ago, many of our Reddam House Alumni are successfully engaged in a variety of exciting endeavours around the globe. This includes a diverse range of entrepreneurial, social, corporate and sporting ventures. 

Our school includes the educational gifts of a highly-skilled team of exceptional teachers and managers. They strive to motivate and guide our students and assist them in their development to become global citizens. 

Discover Reddam House 
Join us for a campus tour to learn about our unique approach to continued education. You’ll receive an introduction to the head and you’ll be able to engage with our passionate team of teachers. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the school’s ethos, understand our philosophy and learn about the curriculum.  This offers a first-hand experience to view our world class facilities and learning spaces. We’d like to engage with you and ensure that we can optimally meet the needs of your child. Secure your place: