Avoid rental boycotting

Michelle Matthee, stakeholder relations manager, Communicare

Communicare has more than 3 000 tenants whose interests we have always acted to protect.

It has come to Communicare’s attention that a minority of tenants and third parties are planning a rental boycott.

Many tenants have informed us that they have been intimidated in some instances to support a rental boycott (“Confusion over Communicare correspondence,” Bulletin June 7).

We communicated with our tenants and advised them what the implications are should they participate in an illegal boycott.

While we respect our tenants’ right to protest, doing so through a rental boycott contravenes the agreement that they have entered into when taking occupation of our rental accommodation. In this instance, there is no legal basis or right of tenants to withhold rent.

Should some tenants proceed to boycott, it would be a breach of their contract with us and may result in tenants being blacklisted or being issued with garnishee orders. This will mean that affected tenants will not be able to get credit, buy a car or rent another house.

By providing this information proactively, we want to avoid our tenants being subjected to such action.

For more information contact: Michelle Matthee at Communicare mmatthee@communicare.org.za