Baboon returned to Tokai troop

The baboon crossed the busy M3 before it was captured.

The City of Cape Town has captured and returned a baboon, TK57, also known as Buddy, to its Tokai troop after it ventured into the suburb.

Parkscape, a non-profit environmental group, reported the baboon being in Tokai park on Thursday February 4. They urged dog walkers to be extra cautious with their pets because “a baboon seems to have established himself in the area”.

Parkscape reported the baboon being in Tokai park.

According to Parkscape, Buddy roosted in a pine tree on the field on the southern edge of the park most evenings and moved variously between the forest and suburbia during the course of the day.

NCC Environmental Services, the City’s baboon-management contractor, reported that the male baboon had crossed the busy M3 on Friday February 5.

Marian Nieuwoudt, mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment said returning the baboon to its troop was in both its and the public’s best interests

The City consulted with CapeNature and the Cape of Good Hope SPCA and decided to capture and return the baboon to his natal troop.

Marian Nieuwoudt, mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment, said the urban area, with busy roads, domestic animals, people and unhealthy food, was dangerous for baboons.

“It is in the interest of the safety of the baboon and the public that he be returned to his natal troop, and natural habitat,” she said.

To discourage opportunistic foraging by baboons, residents in the area should keep their doors and windows closed as far as possible, secure wheelie bins and not leave food out for pets, she said.

In August another male baboon SK11, or Kataza, drew a public backlash when he was relocated from Kommetjie to Tokai. Kataza has since been moved to a rehabilitation centre in Limpopo.

Residents can phone the Baboon Hotline number at 071 588 6540 for assistance.