Bad service

Gail Matthews, Musgrave Park, Diep River

The day before Good Friday, I phoned through an order to Martin’s Bakery in Diep River, asking them to put aside two meat pies – as they were on special at R36 for two – and a tray of hot cross buns for me which I would collect after I finished work.

I arrived and asked for my order but they could not find the pies.

The owner’s wife was there and listening in and said they cannot control what happens with their staff if they sell somebody else’s order.

I said surely it should be put somewhere where they know that it is not for sale but for collection. She showed disinterest and did not apologise but her sales assistant did apologise to me.

Then suddenly they had found one of the pies which they wanted to charge me R26 for one but I said no that cannot be right and went up to the owner’s wife who then said that I had to pay R26.

I said surely out of courtesy for selling my other pie, I should get it cheaper. She ignored my comment but I then put down the pie and hot cross buns and told her I would no longer be buying them.

I then saw and heard her talking to a customer, (who was) sitting having tea, and telling them that I wanted the pie for free – which was not true at all.

I went up to her and told her that I was willing to pay for my order if I had received it in full. She then told me to get out of the shop and not to come back.

I told her I would not be back and walked out with a You magazine that I was also going to purchase, still in my arms, which I realised as I went out the door and quickly ran back in to pay the cashier for it.

She was by the cashier and then said to me “Don’t you want to leave that as well? Get out.”

* This letter was sent to Martin’s for a response on Thursday May 11, but by the time this edition went to print, they had not yet responded.