Badisa’s cause

Badisa chairwoman Monique du Plessis with Nicola Bernado, of the Aleit Academy.

Sipping Groot Constantia wines and tucking into canapés, guests at a fund-raising auction, held at the country’s oldest wine estate, heard that over the past year Badisa Wynberg had experienced an increase in cases.

Badisa chairperson Monique du Plessis says the organisation has rendered social services to 3 344 vulnerable children and families. It has dealt with 1 097 new referrals of children at high risk, 203 children in foster care and 47 children’s court inquiries.

This faith-based non-profit, based in Salisbury Road, Wynberg, provides professional social welfare and development services to all in need, irrespective of age, gender, nationality or religion from Mowbray to Westlake. More than half the cases during the 2016/2017 financial year,included neglect, abuse, sexual molestation and juvenile substance abuse.

Other cases related to financial need, prostitution, housing and unemployment, maritalproblems, family violence, poor parenting skills and adult substance abuse.

Badisa launched its Poppie Project earlier this year where schools and individuals buy a unique rag doll or poppet which represents a child in need.

* For further information, contact Badisa at 021 761 2671 or