Bearing the brunt for incompetence

Ursula Schenker, Plumstead

Referring to the article (“City grilled on water”, Bulletin May 18), where the City of Cape Town is trying to justify the impending increases in the cost of services, it appears that consumers continues to bear the brunt for the municipality’s incompetence.

The City has failed the community by not implementing measures to protect water resources proactively.

Pensioners received a paltry R90 increase in April, yet are now expected to continue paying taxes on food items while contending with new levies on water and electricity. This is a violation of their constitutional rights.

Many of these residents bought their houses at a time when they cost much less than R1 million, but now those with properties in excess of that are being penalised by the very municipality that implemented the valuation process to begin with.

The City must abide by the constitution to ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner.