Bergvliet Primary recycling depot needs your support

School grounds staff Stephen Pienaar and Eddie Kruger.

Bergvliet Primary School is asking the community to support its recycling programme, which reopened recently.

The school principal, Brandon Paulse, says the recycling initiative was started by volunteers many years ago.

“It is part of the fabric of Bergvliet Primary School. We don’t just wear a green uniform, but we want to go green in every possible way.”

Before the pandemic, the school won provincial and national recycling competitions. According to grounds staffer Eddie Kruger they gained good income from glass and averaged six to eight tons a month. This is now down to 2 to 3.5 tons.

“Now volume is down because of alcohol restrictions and restaurants and pubs being closed,” he said.

The school collects recyclables from flats, retirement villages and restaurants. “Which is good because everything is sorted. This saves much time as all sorting is labour-intensive and the school is understaffed,” Mr Kruger said.

The recycling depot in Alphen Way, Bergvliet, is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30am to 1pm. Everything must be washed and clean as dirty items with food residue cannot be recycled and will be discarded.

Recycling items include glass bottles and jars but not sheets of glass, cardboard, paper, metal and plastic lids and tops, aluminium and steel food and drink cans, silver foil trays, polystyrene packaging and food trays.

For further information, contact Weldon Stevens at 072 024 3133.

Rosanna East Thorpe from Plumstead delivering her recycling.