#BetChaeliCan. You bet ya!

 On Friday April 13 Chaeli Mycroft completed her latest challenge, five days on horseback and changed from #BetChaeliCant to #BetChaeliCan to raise funds to continue to support the Chaeli Cottage – a school looking after disabled children from disadvantaged backgrounds. But this is just the beginning. Chaeli is now encouraging others to set up their own #BetICan challenge and use it as a fund-raising drive in support of the work done by the Plumstead-based Chaeli Campaign. The first individual to take on the #BetICan challenge was Gabriel Schreiber, 12, right, pictured here with his coach, Arafat Gatabazi and Chaeli. He participated in the Freedom Swim on Saturday April 21. He is the second youngest swimmer to take on the 7.5km swim from Robben Island to Big Bay Beach and he did it to create awareness and raise funds for the Chaeli Campaign. For information on how you can set up your own #BetICan challenge, contact the Chaeli Campaign at info@chaelicampaign.co.za or call 021 762 3835.