Beware the con man

Gwyneth Collins, Wynberg

Please would you warn your readers about a thief doing the rounds in our area. The Cape Argus was delivered for some 20 years by the faithful Herbert, but he was replaced last year, so when my bell into my complex rang I did not hesitate (being a trusting idiot) to admit a young man who said he was the new delivery man but had missed out at Christmas time on his “Christmas box.”

I gave him R50 and wished him well, but he hesitated in the hallway and asked if I wouldn’t mind giving him a glass of water. I opened the fridge but he said tap water would be fine, so I went to the sink, my back towards him, and filled a glass of water and gave it to him.

After he had gone, I began to realise that he had got some details wrong and began to wonder if I had been conned, rang his boss, and realised I had. Then I rang a friend and discovered he had been to her home too, but she was more savvy than I and had sent him packing.

Some time later I looked for my bank note wallet from which he had obviously seen me take his “gift”, and which had over R1 000 in it, and it was gone. Only a lot later did I realise that he had requested the glass of water so he could do his sleight of hand while my back was turned.

Please warn your readers to be on their guard and hopefully they have not already been conned.