Bin picking

Brian Mulder, Diep River

I found your Bulletin front page article regards bin picking an asset troubling.

The article expressed a message that says picking through somebody’s garbage is more than just okay, it’s saving the municipality money.

Plainly put, the surge in bin picking is a clear indication of a society in consistent decline. Bin pickers in general are a menace. They make a huge mess wherever they go. They open the bin and rip through whatever plastic bags have been placed in order to keep the bin clean. Some empty the bin contents in the road and work their way through the bags.

On Wednesday morning, at the bus stop opposite the Hub, the public litter bin had the inner bin removed and its contents dumped on the pavement. As I walk a dog I see many bags lifted from bins, taken to all sorts of places, ripped open and the contents left spewed out over greenbelts etc. I have had to clean up a few black bags of litter outside my garage because of this attitude.

Because of pickers, or rather the correct word is “vagrants” the Diep River surrounds have become a cesspool.

Your article has just contributed towards that cesspool getting bigger. While there may be some financial gain to a municipality, the real cost will be felt much later when the problem of the growing number of vagrants bin-picking causes a host of other associated problems.

Hence this practice ought be condemned and not glorified by articles such as yours.