Blooming beauties

Tony and Wendy Roberts with their multiplying amaryllis bulbs

Wendy and Tony Roberts, of Clé Du Cap, have, what they say, is an unusual form of amaryllis.

The most common colours are red and pink, but Ms Roberts was given five yellow bulbs from her then neighbour in Jeffcoat Avenue in Bergvliet in 2006. They have since multiplied.

Paul Gordon, of Ferndale Nursery, says yellow is a sought-after rare colour for amaryllises, and it has not been available in garden centres in recent years.

Amaryllises require a well-draining light potting mix, he says. And the pot used should not be more than twice the diameter of the bulb.

They need exposure to cold temperatures to help the bulb set flowers for the following season. Bulbs from the home or patio can be placed under a tree in the garden over winter to achieve this.

Mr Gordon says to allow the foliage to die down naturally so that the bulb can store the energy for the next bloom set.

As for green fingers? Ms Roberts says her husband does a good job of gardening – she tells him what to do.