Bring joy over Xmas at Naruna Estate

Naruna Estate residents Yvonne Maddock, Beverley Strong and Peter Eilers.

Residents of Naruna Estate, Plumstead, plan to hold a Christmas party for the community’s children and seniors who have been hard hit by Covid-19.

Beverley Strong, the deputy chairwoman of the Naruna Estate Residents’ Association (NERA), started feeding her fellow tenants, most of them poor and elderly, and others in the area who had taken a knock from lockdown.

They serve about 150 people every Sunday from the front gate at the nearby Churchill Park. Ms Strong is joined by her partner, Peter Eilers, who washes the veggies and dishes and her neighbour, Yvonne Maddock, who peels and chops the veg.

Now they plan to hold a party for 55 local children and 59 seniors at the 1st Naruna Constantia Cub Hall, on Saturday December 19 and are asking the public for donations of gifts for the children and elderly as well as cake-mix or flour and sugar, sweets, chips, cool drinks and other party fare.

They also need a Father Christmas outfit.

Natasha Pivalizza, a care mother in the area, is one of the people who has offered to help on the day. “Aunty Bev is an amazing woman. She has hungry people knocking on her door night and day but doesn’t turn them away. She’ll find a sandwich or give leftovers from her meals,” said Ms Pivalizza.

If you can help, call Beverley Strong at 074 341 8252, or email