Broken promises

Quinton Summers, Heathfield

I’d like to draw your attention to a promise made publicly in the community newspapers by councillor Kevin Southgate that the subway will be locked at night. This has not happened and suspicious characters are moving freely from one side of Heathfield to the other as they go about their criminal activities in the dead of the night. Can you please do a follow-up story including an interview with Southgate to see why there’s been no delivery?

Ward 72 councillor Kevin Southgate responds:

Security at Heathfield station has been a serious concern for a while now. I have had many engagements and follow ups with the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) regarding this matter which included site inspections at which we discussed the proposed closure of the subway and how it is to be managed.

I have used the ongoing drug abuse and social ills conducted in the subway including the regular flooding of the subway as motivation for the matter to be prioritised. The vandalism and theft of the pump used to prevent flooding has also been used to as a further motivation, however, nothing has as yet been done. I have no control over Prasa and can simply raise these matters with them on a continuous basis which I have done. We can at least say that our efforts have resulted in Heathfield subway making the shortlist. The implementation of the project depends on budget allocation and I will continue to engage Prasa on the matter.

Residents are to be encouraged to also write to Prasa and raise their concerns as it will serve to support my request.

In a recent conversation with George Kiewietz of Metrorail, I was informed that Heathfield station subway is one of five subways which have been identified for closure, all of which is budget dependant. Should you require any further information contact Enver Tariq Dollie at Metrorail,

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