Build a park for kids to play

Mary Archibald, Diep River

Living on the southern side of Old Kendal Road, Diep River, I have noticed that the children have to play in the road, whether it be soccer, cricket or skateboarding.

It would be a bonus if the council would see fit to build a park where these children could play safely.

We are constantly disturbed by balls coming over the wall. May I keep them? We have had children trespass into the complex we live in, climb over walls, kick open locked gates and stand and scream for someone to return a ball, which when returned fails to elicit any form of gratitude.

We have even had stones thrown on our roof to get our attention. If our windows are broken by the balls, stones and/or other items, who is responsible for the repair?

Oh, wait, just had a look – there is a park, sorry, two parks bordering on Old Kendal Road.

Fenced and secure, one is just grass, ideal to kick balls around and the other has swings etc. – good places to let off steam.

If the parks were not there, how loud would the noise be: “There is nowhere safe to play.”

Cars, passersby and surrounding homes are inconvenienced by the children playing in a busy road. Please, parents, encourage your children, of all ages, to use the safe environment provided by the fenced parks.