Building ‘hope capacities’

Left: Beulah Fredericks, left, with Zandile Manuel and Naledi Esitang.

Community Development Foundation (CDF) Western Cape recently thanked many community organisations for their unselfish commitment to their communities.

The non-profit organisation is based in Wynberg. Their aim is to strengthen communities such as Westlake and Lavender Hill by facilitating philanthropy.

They partner with donors through designated funds or defined-interest funds to build permanent endowments which are used to support community projects.

At a recent gathering, CDF director Beulah Fredericks said that communities can grow through their own effort.

“If you want to strengthen a community, then grow a field of hope. Our theme for the year is building ‘Hope Capacities’. Our model of community strengthening is based on igniting hope.

“Across all the programmes the value is to nurture hope. This includesinspiring dreams, a cleaner and greener environment, job creation and skills development,” said Ms Fredericks.

CDFchairperson Jannie Isaacs said the organisation puts grassroots communities at the heart of who they are.

“Webelievethat communities are pivotal to our very existence. By working together we unleash capabilities,” he said.

One of the projects which is supported by CDF is Masithembele, an organisation which runs support groups in Delft for people dealing with loss and grief.

Thedirectorof Masithembele,Wilhemina Heyns, said that they are very thankful to CDF.

“In Delft, the main challenges we have are poverty and unemployment. We also have an after-school programme for children where they can come and do their homeworkandalso have a meal,” said Ms Heyns.

Anotherorganisationalsosupported by CDF is Greenlight OrganicProjectin Ottery.

Clifford Caesar used be involved in drugs and then founded the project.

“I then decided to start a vegetable garden so that I could give vegetables to the elderly in the community. When the first veggies started to grow I fell in love with the land.

“Thepensioners were also very thankful when I gave them thevegetablesand even people who were involvedincrime before now also work in the gardens. They are also the best security because the gardens don’t get vandalised,” said Mr Ceasar. To find out more about CDF Western Cape, email, call 021 761 8339, or visit