Call for disciplinary action

Jerome Rhode, Bergvliet

As a long-standing resident of Dreyersdal Park, Bergvliet, I must report the shocking behaviour by a Communicare employee.

He forcefully evicted senior residents from the main foyer of the community hall in Dreyersdal Park at
3pm on Thursday August 2.

He said we were, as current residents, trespassing, and he dragged the dining table we use as our card table, outside into the the winter cold.

“Ek smyt julle uit!” he said.

This cowardly act, of forceful eviction happened to residents: Victor Dejarda (unit 203) Richard O Shea (unit 101) and myself, Jerome Rhode (unit 607).

These seniors and their families are emotionally traumatised by this man’s abrupt ways and are calling for action.

We continued to play our game of cards outside in the winter cold.

The deliberate removal of the dining table and verbal threats against the residents is clearly inappropriate elderly abuse.

He has no legal base or right to reject or scorn us since we are the legal occupiers. This calls for an immediate disciplinary action and for the employee’s suspension.

Andrea Houston, CEO of Communicare, responds:

We received a complaint about the incident involving one of our staff through our tip-offs anonymous line.

We are investigating the complaint as we take complaints of this nature very seriously. As required by law, the matter will be dealt with under our
internal disciplinary processes, if any wrongdoing is found.

Tenants should
report any suspected unethical behaviour by calling the Tip Offs Anonymous Freecall Line 0800 204 969 or emailing