Call for speed humps

Tony Browne, Kirstenhof

Please help regarding the general danger we face on Ferdinand Street, Kirstenhof.

Cars come flying down our road including taxis and some of these motorists even get very aggressive when we react to almost being knocked over, rear ended pulling into our driveway or reversing out.

On December 6 (my birthday), our beautiful ginger girl cat was killed outside our house at about 7.30am by a motorist driving at a ridiculous speed up Ferdinand Street. He didn’t stop. He just carried on driving.

My family is devastated… my two beautiful children literally fell to the floor in tears. My wife is completely broken. It was her cat for nearly six years. Her name was Phoenix.

So I’m pleading, with tears in a grown man’s eyes, for some kind of speed reducing bumps down Ferdinand Street as soon as possible.

I cannot imagine the pain and trauma a family would go through if this was a child.

All the neighbours want the speed bumps, and we are across from Kirstenhof Primary school, so surely with the children and traffic this is not a big ask? We don’t even have a proper pavement to walk on, just slanted verges.

• Ward 71 councillor Penny East said the request had gone to the City’s roads department. She added: “I do understand that the residents are upset at the loss of a dear pet, and their concerns regarding speeding generally have been highlighted on many occasions. I will report back when I have progress.”