Cape Town nails nature challenge

Cape Town has won two of the three categories of the international annual Global City Nature Challenge.

Capetonians won the “most observations” and “most species” categories in the international City Nature Challenge held over four days.

From Friday April 26 to Monday April 29, the Mother City competed for the first time against 159 cities around the world (“City nature challenge,” Bulletin May 2).

The results were announced on Monday May 6 with Cape Town in the lead with 53 763 observations followed by La Paz, Bolivia with 46 931.

Cape Town led with 4 588 species followed by Hong Kong with 3596. The third category, “people”, was taken by San Francisco with 1 947 and Los Angeles at 1 555 and La Paz with 1 500. Cape Town was eighth with 1 141 people.