Caring officers

Helen Smith, Plumstead

On Monday evening December 30 2019, Constable Marais and Warrant Officer Jacobs from Diep River SAPS appeared at my gate and said the following: “We are checking up on Helen.”

This was truly amazing because just over two years ago, on April 7 2017, they responded to a call at the time of my late husband’s suicide attempt.

At 10.30pm that same night they rang my doorbell to find out if I was okay, and the following morning, I received a call from a volunteer councillor at the Diep River police station wanting to know if I would like to speak to her.

Almost three years later, I was visited by these two officers who simply wanted to find out how I was. I cannot put into words how grateful I was and still am about this amazing gesture.

We live in times when there is always huge criticism of our police force, and often within reason, yet, there is always the exception to the rule and one is inclined to forget this.

In my opinion, Diep River SAPS are such an exception – they are the difference. So next time when you are critical of our men and women in blue, try not to generalise.

This incident made me feel so wonderful at the end of a trying year, but also gave me a feeling of great expectation and hope for the New Year.

Warrant Officer Jacobs and Constable Marais are responsible for that.