Caring together

Shadrack Chimwaza and Charles Isaacs have been jointly employed by the City and Friends group to undertake smaller projects.

Charles Isaacs and Shadrack Chimwaza have been jointly employed by the City of Cape Town and the Friends of Constantia Valley Greenbelts on several small projects.

They were initially part of the City’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

Mr Chimwaza had been working alone in the greenbelts since 2012 when he was joined by Mr Isaacs four years ago.

Mr Isaacs’s parents lived on one of the wine farms but left in the 1980s when his father fell ill. He learnt landscaping at Sillery nursery.

Through the EPWP they have learnt what to cut and what to leave, how to trim vegetation and they’ve have done a course on safety equipment.

They are also the eyes and ears of the greenbelts. They report bark strippers and paint affected trees so they cannot be stripped again.