Carnival celebrates Cape Town’s diversity

Cape Town's tallest marionette, Vukani, at last year's Cape Town Carnival. Picture: 4 Otomo

The Cape Town Carnival will celebrate its 10th annual event on Human Rights Day, March 21, on the Fan Walk from the Cape Town CBD to Green Point.

The carnival is a street parade that showcases and celebrates the diversity of Cape Town and South Africa.

This year’s theme is “Incredible Journey: Sounds of South Africa”, which will showcase the music, dance and art of South Africa and how it connects the people as a nation to the past, future, the country and each other.

Jay Douwes, chief executive officer of the Cape Town Carnival, said: “It is a perfect opportunity; especially considering the day’s national importance, to recognise, honour and celebrate the diversity of our people and the richness of our collective cultures.”

Since its founding in 2010, the Cape Town Carnival has built up a following locally and abroad. In March last year, the annual event attracted
51 000 people.

The free-to-watch public spectacle is preceded by a year-round community-driven performance-group programme rolled out across the Cape metropole.

The organisation is also home to a workshop of marvels in Maitland, which is where the float-building, metalwork, costume design, pattern-making and garment manufacturing takes place for the event.