Cell mast education

Dr Jayson Orton, Lakeside

I read the article about the cell tower planned in Plumstead (“Cell mast frustration,” Bulletin June 7).

I wish the residents were better educated on this issue and I am sad to see that the height of the tower has been reduced to 15m.

This is more dangerous as it brings the dangerous “main beam” much closer to people.

I had to abandon a newly-bought house due to radiation-induced illness from the very low Lakeside fire station cell tower.

I suffered for three months before discovering the cause of my illness and then another four while figuring out what to do and eventually coming to terms with having to leave our new house.

It was hugely traumatic for our family but my symptoms lifted.

Ms Fuller hopes the scientists are right about there being no health effects. She, and many others, need to educate themselves about the well-documented dangers of microwave radiation.

It is easily available online. It is very convenient for the City to simply state that there are no proven health concerns.

Health impacts are widely known and proven, but a major factor here is that the long-term effects are not yet known.

Microwave radiation is currently being promoted in the same way that smoking was being promoted 50 years ago.

We know that tobacco companies suppressed health findings but eventually the research was publicised and people’s health problems were explained. And look where we are today? Asbestos followed the same route.

Among the most common symptoms are sleep issues and depression, both of which I suffered from.

Key sleep-related symptoms for me were difficulty falling asleep, reduced effectiveness of sleeping pills, sudden waking up fully alert in the early hours followed by inability to get
back to sleep, and feelings of desperate tiredness in the morning (because the radiation stops one’s body entering REM sleep and sleep cycles become shallower).

I would encourage everyone to educate themselves about the dangers of microwave radiation and be aware of their sleeping patterns. This was key to me understanding my illness and moving to safety.