Ceramic collection launched at Constantia hotel

The inspiration for this this sculpture by Moshe Sello needs no explanation. It was painted by Mthulisi Ncube.

The Ardmore 2022 ceramic collection was launched over four days at Cellars Hohenort Hotel last week.

Ardmore was founded in KwaZulu-Natal by Fée Halsted in 1985 and has become an iconic ceramics and design brand worldwide.

The function last week also saw the launch of Ardmore’s Jabula wallpaper collection.

Ms Halsted said Ardmore’s creativity was put on hold due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but the break gave their 40 artists time to observe animals taking over in spaces where humans used to congregate.

“Animals that have taken on powerful significance at this time like the endangered pangolin, chameleons that adapt to change easily, crocodiles that represent the wisdom of ages in Africa. We allowed ourselves to play, depicting monkeys with masks and elephants using sanitiser.”

From vases and candlestick holders to urns and ornaments, there are almost 200 works in this new collection.

Ardmore artists, George Gadaga and Fiso Radebe with some of the pieces from the collection.
Enjoying the exhibition, Linda Kosterman, Chris Silverston and Carmen Kosterman of Potterswork in Capricorn Park.
Winonah Law from England and Nicola Salle from Bishopscourt.
The exhibition coincided with World Pangolin Day, a day that raises awareness of this endangered mammal. Pangolins are illegally trafficked for the bogus medicinal powers attributed to their scales, which are made of keratin, the same material found in our fingernails. 10% of sales of pangolin pieces go to the people who protect these scaly anteaters.
Warren Hickinbotham from Johannesburg with Ardmore’s Peter Harrison and Melville and Moon’s Dael Melville.
Jeni McGrath from Constantia and Catriona Mackay from Constantia.
Phillipa Strydom from Claremont with Tim Cumming from Kenilworth enjoy Waterford Estate cabernet sauvignon paired with Von Gessau chocolate made in Greyton,