Charity shop for Badisa Wynberg

Various items are for sale at the charity shop.

Badisa Wynberg opened its first charity shop on Mandela Day.

The child-protection NGO works with vulnerable children who need care and support.

The charity shop will sell clothes, shoes, bags, books, car seats, blankets and more.

Manager Juanita Beukes, said the shop would help the NGO raise much-need funds.

Badisa does not get a full state subsidy and had to raise about R400 000 annually, she said. Badisa helps children who are being abused, exploited or abandoned.
It also helps with adoption in some cases.

In emergency cases, Badisa has to provide the child
with baby products, food, stationery, clothes, school uniforms, toiletries and more. It has about 392 cases a year.

Badisa also needs safety parents to provide a temporary home for children, lasting a week to three months,usually while a court investigation is pending. Ms Beukes said safety
parents were often needed in cases where babies were abandoned at maternity hospitals.

Admin officer Barry
Thuynsma said they opened the shop on Mandela Day to promote the spirit of giving and sharing between them and the community.

“That’s what Mandela was
all about. Finding sustainable ways to give back to the community,” he said.

The shop at Badisa Wynberg will open from 10am to
3pm, from Tuesday to Thursday and 10am to 2pm on Friday.