Christmas at Meals on Wheels

The people who attended the event.

The annual Christmas party for Meals on Wheels Plumstead, where those who receive meals are celebrated, took place last Thursday.

Racheal Bosman, a former health-care practitioner, spoke about her experience with diabetes and the impact that Meals on Wheels Plumstead has had on her life.

“I used to be the one helping people, so it was very confusing for me when I had to accept help. I had both my legs amputated, and I’m gradually losing my sight. It has been a challenging time, but thanks to God, my daughter and family, and the meals that I get from here three times a week, I live my life like a normal person. It’s only here and there that I need help but I’m good,” said Ms Bosman.

Ms Bosman, from Retreat, is one of the 500 to 600 poverty-stricken, lonely or elderly people in the southern suburbs who receive meals on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from the charity.

Ms Bosman said it was the third annual Christmas party she had been to since starting to receive meals.

The meals were a great help to her and her daughter, who cares for her, she said.

“They drop the meals off at my door. It really saves us from the extra
cooking. Do you know what I was most concerned about when I lost my feet? That I wouldn’t be able to use my sewing machine.

“I was sitting looking at my sewing machine the one day, thinking how am I going to use the pedal when I don’t have feet anymore. And then God
spoke to me. He said use what you have. So I
detached the pedal from the bottom of the table and brought it up to me. Guess
what,God told me to use my elbow to control it.That’s how I’m still able to make clothes.”
Ms Bosman is also part of a diabetes
support group that helps her deal with her condition.

In April, Meals on Wheels also opened a service centre for the elderly.
It helps to keep seniors busy on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. They have exercise classes, play board games and listen to talks.

Ms Bosman enjoyed a three-course meal at the Christmas lunch, playing games and receiving various gifts from the centre along with other senior citizens.

Meals on Wheels Plumstead centre manager, Stephanie Jones, said they held the Christmas lunch to make people feel special and loved, as many elderly and poor people often spent Christmas alone.