City proposal to close Southfield access road

Map of Southfield showing where the temporary road closure will be.

The City is proposing the permanent closure of one of the access points into Southfield – at Malgas Road where it intersects with Victoria Road.

The road will be closed temporarily for six months to gauge the impact, and the public has until Thursday April 14 to comment on the plan.

The City says some motorists use Malgas Road, which is a one-way entrance, in order to access Victoria Road, as a short-cut to avoid traffic. They are cutting through this residential area at very high speeds throughout the day but mainly during peak-traffic times. This trend poses a safety risk to residents along this road and is causing unnecessary traffic through the residential area.

Mayoral committee member for urban mobility Rob Quintas said the City had to ensure the safety of all road users in the area. “This means that we need to close the road for six months to see if it results in a decrease of taxis and motor vehicles speeding through the area, then it is worth a try.”

To comment, email (quote reference: 7200334779); visit or hand deliver to the Sub-council 18 office on the corner of Buck Road and 6th Avenue, Lotus River.