Closing of library upset

Julie Padmore, Committee member, Friends of Tokai Library

On October 9, last year, two large, and rotting, pine trees fell on to the roof of Tokai library.

This was reported in the Bulletin the following week.
Since then the library has been completely closed to the public
– no lending or borrowing of books, no internet access for those who don’t have access at home or work, no community group support meetings, no access to this valuable resource at all.

Critical support for pupils is unavailable, and unavailable to parents and community who are trying to support pupils after school hours.

The latest information, just before Christmas, was that Tokai library would be closed possibly for the first six months of

Users of Tokai library ought to be parading with placards, at least, at this outrageous situation. Most people have said “that’s disgusting, what’s being done” as most people do.