Club puts safety measures in place

Margie Collins, Plumstead

In the light of the tragic drowning of Enoch Mpianzi and what seems to be negligence on the part of the organisers and teachers, I would like to commend the Peninsula Canoe Club at Zandvlei for their consistent safety measures.

My son did kayaking there with a home-school group for many years. Gerfried and Edgar were fantastic.

The club provided life jackets, which were compulsory for beginners. “I can swim” had to be proved by a swim across the pond.

A trained adult was present at all times. Beginners started in the pond and couldn’t move onto the vlei area until they were proficient.

Gerfried would go out with the more experienced paddlers onto the vlei.

I took this all for granted as I thought such safety measures were standard, but it seems that not all adults care about children’s safety. I am grateful!