Colour run action at SP

* Zubair Marlie, Grade 12

Project 90 by 2030 held a fun day at South Peninsula High School over the weekend of October 1 and 2.

Project 90 is an environmental NPO based in Kenilworth.

On the Saturday, the Project 90 Leadership Club at South Peninsula High School held their Low-carbon Day of Action – a colour run.

Over the past month they ran a campaign at their school. The idea behind the #itscool2explore campaign was to encourage their school community to explore different ways to reduce their carbon footprint. For each of the weeks of the campaign they had a set theme, such as energy, and assigned a colour to that theme.

On the Saturday the Leadership Club held a colour run which brought all of their messages and all the colours to their school community together for a fun and meaningful day out.

With the excellent mentorship of Tasneem Daniels, and the great support from the school staff, the club organised a hugely successful event.