Concert to celebrate music teacher’s life

Gertrude Haas taught piano and held weekly music appreciation and singing classes for children for more than 40 years.

Were you ever a music or singing student of Gertie Haas?

Did you take piano lessons with her or attend her music appreciation and singing classes or perform on stage from 1952 to 1985 at the Alhambra Theatre, the City Hall, the Civic Centre or at the Baxter Theatre?

If yes, you’re invited to the party concert of the year at the Baxter Theatre later this year to celebrate what would have been Ms Haas’ 100th birthday.

Ms Haas produced and staged annual musical variety shows and concerts, featuring all her performing students and local adult celebrities to raise money for different charities.

Alumni and her family are
coming together to sing old
favourite songs, reminisce and share stories over drinks and

The event is being privately sponsored by the Haas family (her sons) who, after she passed away, in the early 1990s, set up the Gertrude Haas Performing Arts Scholarship that has funded a UCT music student each year, and is still ongoing today.

Join the Facebook group “Auntie Gertie Haas Alumni Group” to get the party information updates and to help find all the alumni, scattered around the world, who today would be between 35 and 80 years old.

For your party invitation, contact past student, close friend
and co-teacher, Zola Shuman, via email at or message her though the “Auntie Gertie Haas Centenary” Facebook Page.