Consider children’s feelings

Rendani Mufamadi,
a drama teacher, Plumstead 

My heart for people,
my heart for kids, my
heart for the underdog
will not stop beating
just because the world
is not for people, kids
or the underdog. 
I was designed to
serve, whether that
be in my home, in a
classroom, on a stage or
in front of a camera. I
will serve.
Serving others shows
you so much about
yourself, the world
and grows a heart of
Over the past few
days I’ve been teaching
Grade 7s but I decided
to do a breathing and
reflective drama lesson
as opposed to piling on
to their workload.
It wasn’t the
moments of stillness
that gripped me or the
thoughts of anxiety
or depression and
other issues among my
students that broke
me; it was when I saw
my students’ pain and
couldn’t give them
a hug that broke my
heart into pieces. 
It’s a new day, a new
norm (and) we need
to combat this virus
together because it is
affecting our kids more
and more each day. For
a moment forget about
entjies, alcohol and
Think about your
kids. Now think about
kids who only have a
quarter of what your
kids have and add on
feelings of anxiety and
We need to let our
homes, schools and
other safe spaces be
accessible to our kids
and let them express
themselves without
shame or guilt but
allow them to be honest
with themselves about
their pain and let it go.
Parents I urge you to
talk to your kids more
and please when you
do, don’t talk to them
like babies, talk to them
like humans. 
Kids are
walking around with
feelings and emotions
they should not be
We need to
change our society
and normalise good,
constructive parenting
relationships with our
children, especially
families of colour.
Therapy is not a “white
people thing”. It’s an
every single human
thing and we need to
as families of colour
embrace it and seek
help when we need it. 
Please pray for
teachers, parents and
children. They’re going
through the most – and
a lot in silence.