Constantia post office closes its doors

Customer Pat Danford, branch manager Basil Petersen, teller Liezel Oosthuizen and support staff Nathalie Mentile.

Constantia post office closed its doors on Saturday June 5 after many years serving the surrounding communities.

South African Post Office spokesman Johan Kruger said they had not renewed their lease, instead deciding to merge with Plumstead post office, in the Richmond Centre, off Main Road.

On Friday June 5, Constantia branch manager Basil Petersen said people had been popping into his office to say goodbye and wish them well. He said they had only heard about the closure the previous day.

Teller Liezel Oosthuizen said she started out as a personal assistant at Constantia six years ago and had since worked in various other branches. “I’m extremely sad. People have been coming in all day to thank us for our service,” she said.

Mr Petersen said the branch had been closed since an armed robbery on Thursday April 29, reopening in May.

Mr Kruger said the Hout Bay and Kenilworth post offices had also recently been victims of armed robberies. “Regional management has recommended improving security measures at these outlets,” he said.

Mr Kruger said employees and equipment from Constantia post office had been deployed at other post offices in the area.

Mr Kruger said the SA Post Office was merging branches that were within 5km of each other and did not intend to open a new branch in Constantia.

The post boxes at Constantia will remain where they are.

Other post offices in the area are Wynberg (021 762 5757) and Tokai (021 712 2314).

The post office was located at the Constantia Village Courtyard shopping centre.