Covid-friendly holiday hosting tips

Outdoor entertaining is the best option.

To help homeowners stay safe when hosting gatherings at home within the current lockdown restrictions at Alert Level 1, RE/MAX of Southern Africa provides the following advice:

  • Limit numbers

To play it safe, homeowners should limit the number of people they host for any gathering. It would be better to see fewer people at a time and to space out social interactions so that there is time for symptoms to present if any of the guests develop Covid. As an extra precaution, furniture should be spaced out so that guests are not seated too close to each other. Sadly, this does mean that the smaller the home, the fewer people will be able to fit within the home responsibly.

  • Leave windows open or entertain outdoors

To lower the risk of infection, make sure the room is well-ventilated by keeping windows and doors open. If the weather is good, set up the seating outdoors, as this will lower the chance of spreading any germs. Anyone with room in their budget could consider covering the outdoor patio to create a versatile outdoor space that is likely to add great value to the property.

  • Sanitise and wash hands regularly

Before any guests arrive, wipe down and sanitise any high-touch surfaces, such as doorhandles or counter-tops. Homeowners and guests should also sanitise their hands before greeting and eating. As additional precautionary measures, hosts can use biodegradable paper plates and serve food that can be eaten without cutlery.